Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Consulting, Implementation, Training & Enablement

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Are you struggling to effectively use all of the Marketing Cloud tools?
Maybe you’re transitioning from another system or diving into marketing automation for the first time?
It’s critical for long-term success that Marketing Cloud is properly enabled.
We set up your Marketing Cloud to align with your business’ processes and goals so you can fully use the capabilities that will drive more revenue impact.

Our Marketing Cloud Implementation services include:

Marketing Cloud Optimization

How can you optimize your Marketing Cloud to show greater revenue impact in three months?​
We start by deeply assessing how your organization uses and understands the tools. Then, we analyze the alignment between Marketing Cloud use and your organization’s key goals.​
We turn our findings into an actionable 90-day roadmap so you can quickly make the necessary optimizations and drive more revenue.​

​Our proven process includes:​

Marketing Cloud Training & Enablement

Could your team get more out of their efforts or available tools in your instance? We offer virtual training as well as customized programs to ensure every member of your team is confident building and executing campaigns, understanding key concepts and features, and executing complex program scenarios.​

Marketing Cloud overview
Email and Email Templates creation
Creating Lists and basic Data Extensions
Importing Contacts
Sending List Emails
Cloud Page creations
Reporting and Analytics​

Salesforce CRM integration
Enhanced Data Extensions
A/B Testing
SQL Scripting, AMP Scripting
System Administration​

Continue your team’s education for the long haul.
Let our team deliver ongoing training, hands-on exercises and guidance to expand your marketing technology capability.​